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Agilent InfiniiVision 4000X Series Oscilloscopes

November 14, 2012 Leave a comment

 Oscilloscope Experience Redefined: Experience the speed, usability, and integration

Imagine an oscilloscope that sees everything, triggers on anything, has the ease-of-use of a tablet device…and grows with your projects.

The 4000 X-Series oscilloscopes are engineered for nextgeneration performance, delivering waveform update rates 20 times faster than the competition to display the most signal detail. An industry-leading 12.1-inch capacitive touch screen with innovative hardware-based InfiniiScan Zone touch triggering provides the most intuitive interface to get you answers faster. The 4000 X-Series provides maximum investment protection with fully upgradable 5-instrumentsin-1.

Experience the Speed
Anomalies and elusive events are the toughest to debug. The 4000 X-Series oscilloscope redefines your debugging experience with MegaZoom IV smart memory technology.
The industry-leading 1-million-waveforms-per-second update rate, means you see more of your signal behavior and can feel more confident in your design.

Experience the Usability
You may be surprised just how easy it is to use the InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series. A 12.1-inch capacitive touch screen − the industry’s largest − works just like your favorite
tablet or smart phone, so debugging your devices is faster than ever before. Innovative InfiniiScan Zone touch triggering makes triggering on anything a snap. Just draw a box around signals of interest and the oscilloscope triggers on them. So, if you can see it, you can trigger on it.

Experience the Integration
The 4000 X-Series further redefines your oscilloscope experience by integrating the capabilities of five instruments in one: oscilloscope channels, logic channels, digital
voltmeter (DVM), dual-channel WaveGen function/arbitrary waveform generator, and serial protocol analyzer including USB. All are upgradable, including bandwidth, for the
ultimate investment protection.


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Agilent U1273AX OLED Handheld Digital Multi-meter.

October 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Be Ready for Winter 

When you’re called out for maintenance or troubleshooting during winter your measurement tools should be ready when you are. The Agilent U1273AX is an OLED handheld digital multimeter (DMM) capable of operating down to -40°C. Even in frigid conditions, the U1273AX handheld DMM delivers immediate and accurate results with no warm-up time required.

With the OLED display capability, experience crystal-clear readings at 160 degrees viewing angle when performing measurement tasks in a poorly lit environment. With all these enhanced features, the U1273AX is ready for the extremes—whenever you are.

You can detect even the slightest change in your sensitive signals (Voltage and Current) with its high measurement rate capability. By clicking the re-settable smooth function button, you may customize the readings’ sensitivity suitable for various tests.

Key Features & Specifications

  • OLED display with 2000:1 contrast ratio and 160 degree viewing angle
  • 30,000 counts resolution
  • 0.05% basic dc voltage accuracy
  • Measure voltage up to 1000V AC and DC
  • Measure current up to 10A (20A for 30s)
  • Low pass filter and low impedance mode
  • Water and dust resistance (IP54)
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 55°C
  • Altitude: 3000 meters
  • CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V input protection
  • Bluetooth connectivity (optional U1177A Bluetooth adaptor required)


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Agilent Technologies Introduces 14 New FieldFox Handheld Analyzers

September 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Delivering Bench-top Accuracy, MIL-spec Durability to Field Applications. 

 Agilent Technologies Inc, today announced 14 FieldFox handheld analyzers that deliver benchtop-instrument accuracy in field-test environments. Designed for harsh conditions and hard-to-reach locations, FieldFox analyzers cover satellite communications, microwave backhaul, military communications, radar systems and a wide range of additional applications.

FieldFox microwave analyzers can be configured as cable-and-antenna analyzers, spectrum analyzers, vector network analyzers, or all-in-one combination analyzers. Each compact, 6.6-pound (3.0-kg) package is available in four frequencies: 9, 14, 18 or 26.5 GHz.

To ensure durability in harsh field environments, the completely sealed enclosure is compliant with U.S. MIL-PRF-28800F Class 2 requirements. To enhance ease of use, the instrument has a vertical, or “portrait,” orientation and large buttons, allowing users to easily operate the unit with their thumbs, even while wearing gloves.

“Measuring up and earning a spot in our customer’s field kit is the driving idea behind the FieldFox analyzers,” said Guy Séné, president of Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group. “These rugged performers equip on-the-go personnel to handle routine maintenance, in-depth troubleshooting and anything in between. Better yet, FieldFox delivers Agilent-quality microwave measurements – wherever our customers need to go.”

FieldFox microwave vector network analyzers provide full two-port S-parameter measurements with a remarkably low trace noise of ± 0.004 dB and superior dynamic range of 94 dB (up to 18 GHz). The VNAs offer an industry-first QuickCal function, which enables hassle-free calibration without external accessories. With any other instrument, adding devices such as jumper cables to the test port requires recalibrating with an external calibration kit.

FieldFox microwave spectrum analyzers provide industry-leading amplitude accuracy of ±0.5 dB at power-up, with no warm-up required, allowing field users to instantly and precisely characterize transmitter power. They can detect more signals in the band of interest with phase noise of -111 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset, and measure low-level signals in the presence of high-power transmitters with spur-free dynamic range of 105 dB.

The combination analyzers’ base function is cable and antenna analysis, and users can configure the instrument to do spectrum and vector network analysis as well. To further save space in a field kit, FieldFox analyzers can be ordered with a built-in power meter, independent signal generator, vector voltmeter, interference analysis, variable DC source, frequency counter and built-in GPS receiver.

Among the 14 models are two new FieldFox RF combination analyzers: the N9913A (4 GHz) and the N9914A (6.5 GHz). These models expand Agilent’s RF lineup, which already includes the highly integrated N9912A RF analyzer (4 or 6 GHz) and the highly accurate N9923A RF vector network analyzer (4 or 6 GHz).


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Starting September 1st, 2012, receive a free Build-in Power Meter when you purchase any FieldFox analyzer, this promotion will end on Feb 28th, 2012.


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Agilent Introduces New Family of Waveform Generators

August 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Agilent Technologies Inc, today introduced the 33500B Series waveform generators. The eight new one- and two-channel models, which generate waveforms up to 30 MHz, incorporate exclusive Trueform signal-generation technology. Trueform enables these models to offer unmatched capabilities for generating a full range of signals for the most demanding measurements required when designing electronic devices.

The 33500B waveform generators provides the lowest jitter and lowest total harmonic distortion in their calss, giving the engineers the ability to generate the exact signals they need. With better jitter performance, engineers can place edges more accurately, helping them reduce timing errors in their circuit designs. With total harmonic  distortion less than 0.04 percent and non-harmonic spurs less than 75dBc, the 33500B Series offers clean signals that don’t introduce noise, enabling users to get more accurate results.

The 33500B Series’ 8.4-ns rise and fall times and low jitter allow engineers to set trigger points more accurately as well. The instruments’ 16 bits of resolution allows engineers to make output changes down to 1 uV – giving them the ability to test today’s low-voltage circuits and designs.

With the 33500B Series, engineers can take advantage of easy software upgrades to expand the instruments’ capabilities when they need to increase bandwidth and add true point-by-point arbitrary waveforms and deeper waveform memory.

Trueform Technology

Over the past two decades, direct digital synthesis has been the waveform-generation technology of choice in function generators and economical arbitrary waveform generators. Waveform generators built with DDS offer good frequency resolution, convenient custom waveforms and a low price. However, DDS has intrinsic limitations as well. Engineers with exacting requirements have had to either work around the compromised performance or spend up to 10 times more for a high-end, point-by-point waveform generator.

“Trueform  technology offers a new alternative that blends the best of DDS and point-by-point architectures, giving engineers the benefits of both without the limitations of either,” said Gary Whitman, vice president and general manager of Agilent’s System Products Division.  “Trueform  technology uses an exclusive digital sampling technique that delivers unmatched performance at the same low price customers expect with DDS.”

Unique Capabilities

In addition to point-by-point arbitrary wave-forms, the 33500B Series offers features not normally found on waveform generators in this class:

Waveform summing and combining capability: Allows engineers to easily add noise to signals for margin and distortion testing using only a single channel. On a two-channel model, engineers can sum and combine up to four signals.

Variable-bandwidth noise: Allows engineers to adjust the bandwidth of the built-in noise generator to control the frequency content of their signals.

Waveform sequencing: Allows engineers to create multiple configured waveforms with several common segments.  Users can also build long, complex waveforms using minimal instrument memory.

Pseudo-random binary sequence pattern generation: Allows engineers to test digital serial buses by streaming standard PRBS patterns – like PN7 and PN19 – without the need for a separate pulse generator.

Optional baseband IQ player: Allows wireless communication engineers to economically play IQ signals without the need for an expensive signal generator. The IQ player provides the ability to make adjustments to the signal, including amplitude gain, channel offset and channel skew as needed for a more accurate representation.

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) is the world’s premier measurement company and a technology leader in chemical analysis, life sciences, diagnostics, electronics and communications. The company’s 20,000 employees serve customers in more than 100 countries. Agilent had net revenues of $6.6 billion in fiscal 2011.


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Agilent Ranked Number One

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced the results of a customer-focused study that ranked the company’s electronic test and measurement products highest in quality, compared with products from competitors.

The independent, blind survey conducted worldwide in 2011 showed that customers who purchased radio-frequency and microwave products from Agilent and key competitors rated Agilent statistically higher in product quality.

Products included spectrum and signal analyzers, signal sources, network analyzers, and wireless one-box testers.

“We are committed to always delivering reliable, long-lasting products to the marketplace, and it shows in our record of continually enhancing product quality,” said Eric Taylor, Agilent vice president, Electronic Measurement Group, Customer Experience and Quality. “Taking our commitment one step further, we also have developed the Agilent Advantage program, which provides even more value to our customers – beyond just the product.”

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