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Binder- Releases IP67-Rated Connector when Unmated

NCC Series 770

 Binder releases the new Series 770 NCC connectors, which are IP67-rated in unmated condition.  Applications are primarily in medical and industrial environments where frequent spillages and wash-downs are expected. The panel-mounted receptacle has an internal sliding cap that moves forward and seals the contact area when the plug is disconnected from the receptacle.
The NCC connector features bayonet locking for quick, easy, and reliable mating and demating of the connector halves. Visual indicators on the plug and receptacle assist in the alignment of both connector halves during the mating process.
The male cable connector accommodates cables with  2.5 – 8 mm overall diameter.  Panel-mounted receptacles offer the option of solder or PCB pins. The 8 gold-plated contacts are rated at 175 V and 2 A per contact.
For more information on Binder’s connectors, visit Binder Parts or please: e-mail us or call 1.800.56.SONIC
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